Research at the Department of Social Work and Health Science

Research on social and health services

In the Department today, research on the social- and health services is divided into four fields of interest/themes. Common focus is "where politics hit the ground", that is, the main activities focus on the perspective of the user/patient and his or her family. The fields are

  • Disability studies
  • Health promotion and prevention
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Studies on Social services

Research on disability at the Department

Disability research is a wide and complex field, and a medical therapeutic or treatment focused approach is very common. The research at ISH is however not clinical, but has a pure social scientific approach. Our focus is primarily the consequences of disability in everyday life. We look into circumstances, experiences with the social services, the consequences of political reforms, the practice and everyday life in schools and kindergartens, and more.

The research topics at the ISH are mainly influenced by an environment-based view on disability. Disability is seen as an interaction (a difficult one, that is) between the individual and his or her surroundings. The potential for action following the projects at the ISH is however solely located at the "surroundings" side. This is about politics, services and the carrying out and organization of the services.

Health promotion and prevention

At the Department of Social Work and Health Science, the health promotion research is currently divided into several fields of interest/themes:

  • people with bad health
  • in a lifespan perspective 
  • in work life
  • global health

The department has organized a Psychosomatic Research group. This group also consists of researchers from Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST). Many of these researchers have a wide professional network. The research group is also connected to the National Centre of Complex Health problems at St. Olav Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. The research group is part of the Forum for complex health problems and psychosomatics.

Research Centre for Health Promotion and Resources

  • Research on suicidal behaviour

Various aspects of suicidal behaviour are researched: attitudes, intentionality, suicidal behaviour as communication, cultural and epidemiological aspects. The department participates in several international multicentre studies both within and outside Europe. Collaborating countries outside Europe are, among others, Ghana, Uganda, South-Africa and India.

  • The Best Practice Unite

To analyze public health work.

Diversity and inclusion

Research on issues connected to diversity and inclusion in a broad context. Increased etnic diversity and a better awereness about the processes that contribute to exclusion is a important starting point in our research.