CALST - The Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor

For learners of Norwegian

The CALST tutor will help you to acquire a basic vocabulary of 1000 words and expressions. It also offers exercises to specifically train your listening skills for sound contrasts that do not occur in your mother tongue.


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Why learn Norwegian?

Many Norwegians speak English, so if you speak English you will surely be able to get along in Norway. But if you want to really become a part of the community, you will have to learn to speak and understand their language.

Learn to understand Norwegian dialects

Norwegian has no official spoken standard, and in CALST you will hear all dialects spoken in everyday communication. To familiarize yourself with the different pronunciations, you can listen to unfamiliar sounds in all four major dialects: East Norwegian, West Norwegian, Mid Norwegian and North Norwegian. This is very helpful in everyday conversation.

Choose a tutor from the area you live in

Before you can start, you are required to register – free of charge. When you register, you will choose one of the tutors (dialects) as your role model. You may want to choose a tutor from the area where you (are going to) live - Norwegians generally appreciate it when you try to adapt to their dialect.

If you don't know which dialect to choose, it is probably best to stick to East Norwegian. This is the language variant usually spoken in Norwegian classes.

Thank you for using CALST. We hope you will find the programme useful for improving your pronunciation skills, and last but not least:

We hope you enjoy using the programme.



An older, unsupported version of CALST can still be downloaded. If you have downloaded CALST before and CALST has expired, you only need to download the programme file. If you are a new CALST user, please download the complete CALST platform. Please read Getting started before downloading. However, we prefer that you use the online version.

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Online Norwegian courses

If you are not only interested in listening and pronunciation training, you can learn Norwegian grammar and do online exercises using one of our other online Norwegian courses.


CALST uses L1-L2map to compare the sound inventory of the learner's mother tongue with that of Norwegian. Click here for contributors to L1-L2map.