Department of Public Health and General Practice

About the Department

The Department of Public Health and General Practice attained it current form on september 2002 when the Faculty of Medicine merged 12 institutes into 5. The new departmental structure allows integration of both clinical and basic science disciplines, thus mirroring the curriculum integration of the medical school program.

The Department organises about 80 scientific and administrative full- and part-time positions.

We are organised in four broad research groups:

  • Epidemiology and health care
  • Primary health care
  • The Nord-Trøndelag Health study
  • Social- and occupational medicine

The institute runs the Nord Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT), which is the main supplier of research data for the research groups. HUNT became a part of NTNU in 2001 and is today organised from the Department of Public Health and General Practice.

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Contact Information:

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Håkon Jarls gate 11

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1230-1430 for student inquiries


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NTNU, Faculty of Medicine
Institutt for samfunnsmedisin
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7491 Trondheim

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