Sport sociology

Social- and Sport Sciences at NTNU have an emphasis on Sport Sociology. The sociologists in this research group view sports in light of classical and modern sociology, with an analysis of social inequalities connected to gender, ethnicity, social class and age. Another important focus is sports as a cultural phenomenon in late modern society, seen both from the athlete’s and a public perspective.

Publications in English

Tjønndal, Anne og Hovden, Jorid: Kjønn som sparringspartner - Ledelsesformer og betydninger av kjønn blant norske boksetrenere. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 3-4/2016

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Yves Vanden Auweele, Elaine Cook og Jim Parry (2016). Ethics and Governance in Sport: The future of sport imagined. Chapter 4: Hovden, Jorid (2016). The 'fast track' as a future strategy for achieving gender equality and Democracy in sport organizations.



Jorid Hovden (2015). Assessing the sociology of sport: On sport organizations and neoliberal discourses.