Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

The department in brief

Quick facts

The department has around 55 employees , including:

  • 12 academic positions (professor, associate professor, assistant professor),
  • 6 temporary academic positions (adjunct professor),
  • 7,6 administrative/technical and
  • 25 research positions (PhD, Post Doc).


The department is one of the oldest ones at NTNU (originally named Hydraulic Engineering) as it was one of the original departments when NTH (Norwegian Institute of Technology) was founded in 1910.

It remained organized under civil engineering (various organizational structures and names) at NTH and later NTNU (from 1996) until the recent reorganization of NTNU in 2002. It became then a department under the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT). The Norwegian name of the department was then changed from Hydraulic engineering to Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering to better reflect its areas of activity: Hydraulic Engineering and Water and Wastewater Engineering. This was already the name of the department in English.


The majority of courses offered by the department are part of the Master of Science program in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The department offers a specialization in Water and Environmental Engineering as well as a PhD-programme in this area. The department also offers an international masters program in Hydropower Development. This program, taught in English, is primarily directed towards foreign students, but accepts Norwegian students as well.