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Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

At the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering we are working with the use of our water resources as well as the waste problems of our society. A sustainable management of the available water resources belongs among the greatest challenges that the world is faced with. A sufficient amount of water of an acceptable quality is needed for irrigation (food production), energy production (hydro power), water supply (public and industrial) and recreation. Used water (wastewater) must be handled in a sustainable way preventing pollution of the environment.

The department's activities fall primarily within the the following two areas:

Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic conditions in water courses, watershed management, flow control and environmental consequences thereof, flood analysis and flood control, hydraulic structures, hydro power plants and dams.

Water and wastewater engineering

Planning, design and operation of water supply and wastewater systems, stormwater- and pipe technology and management, environmental hygiene, drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment.


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