Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

Hydrological field stations

Sagelva hydrology research fieldThe department is operating two hydrology research fields both of them strongly oriented towards cold climate (snow) hydrology.

Sagelva hydrology research field

Sagelva hydrology research field covers 9.16 km2 of area of the Jonsvatnet catchments east of Trondheim and is equipped with two climate stations and four discharge measurement stations. The research field has been in operation since 1969. Both climate stations are equipped with precipitation gauges and sensors for wind, temperature and humidity.

For snow measurements there are a snow melt gauge and a snow pillow. In addition manual snow surveys are carried out several times each winter at certain locations in the catchments. Data are transmitted by radio to the department and stored in a database system. Data from Sagelva is used in research on PhD- and MSc-level and as a part of lecturing in hydrology.

Risvollan urban hydrology research field (field laboratory)

Kart over Risvollan urbanhydrologiske forskningsfeltRisvollan urban hydrology research field is a 20 hectares residential area situated in one of the suburbs of Trondheim that was put in operation in 1986. Outdoor it is equipped with instruments for measuring:

  • precipitation,
  • snow melt rate,
  • temperature of air and in ground,
  • solar radiation,
  • wind velocity,
  • relative air humidity.

The station also includes a small building housing equipment for:

  • storm water flow,
  • wastewater flow, and
  • snow melt
  • as well as data loggers and PC-based telemetric data transmission.

All parameters are recorded with 2 minutes resolution.

The measuring station is run in cooperation with Trondheim municipality and NVE. Snow surveys have been conducted weekly from spring 1994. The snow courses comprise three paths with 30 measuring points. Photo documentation has periodically been carried out from 1986.