Department of Hyraulic and Environmental Engineering


The research activity at the department can be described by these four categories:


Hydraulics and Hydropower

Research topics:

  1. Hydraulic analysis of sediment loaded rivers and optimum design of intakes in sediment carrying rivers;
  2. Dam safety and emergency action planning;
  3. Rehabilitation of dams;
  4. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
  5. Small hydro


Hydrology and water resources

Research topics:

  1. Hydrology in cold climate
  2. Rainfall-runoff modelling
  3. Hydrology for hydropower opeation
  4. Floods
  5. Environmental impacts of river regulations

See also: Sagelva research basin


Water treatment

Research topics:

  1. Drinking water treatment
  2. Membranes
  3. Water chemistry and environmental hygiene,
  4. Wastewater treatment

See also: Risvollan urban hydrological station


Water and wastewater systems

Research topics:

  1. Planning, design and operation of water supply and wastewater systems
  2. Stormwater- and pipe technology and management.

Research publications |  Cristin database - journal articles, books and chapters, reports, conference submissions, and more.

Dissertations and theses DIVA Academic Archive -  PhD dissertions,  and masters theses.

Cutting edge research topics

Particularly noteworthy are the department's research achievements in numerical and physical models for water and sediment flow in rivers and reservoirs, and our innovations on the development of moving bed bioreactor and membrane bioreactor technologies for water and wastewater treatment. In these fields the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IVM) can claim research that qualifies as both global and cutting edge.

IVM's combination of international projects and our many laboratories attract research partners and PhD students from all around the world.

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