Department of Adult Learning and Counselling


Throughout life every human being must make important decisions, choices or changes in their lives, and will have the need for help, advice and counselling on how to do that.

The science of Adult Learning and Counselling develops interdisciplinary competence about and for persons who would like to work with learning processes, counselling and management. Our starting point is that learning is a continuous process that is going on everywhere; in school, at work and during leisure time.

The basis for Adult Learning and Counselling is a life-long learning perspective where learning is understood as the acquiring of competence and knowledge that people experience during a lifetime. Counselling and guidance may especially be viewed as pedagogical tools for helping people, groups and organizations to accomplish growth and development through a positive world view. 

We offer 3 programmes of study:


Management team


Marit Rismark (Head of Department)

Telefon: +47 735 92856


Oscar Amundsen (Deputy Head of Department)

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Camilla Fikse

Telefon: +47 735 90470


Wenche Salomonsen King (Head of Office)

Telefon: +47 735 92867

Conference on career and competence 2015

The department of Adult Learning and Counselling arranges a conference on Dialogues in practice April 2016. Read more about this year's conference here.

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