Department of Adult Learning and Counseling

Programmes of study

Bachelor in Counseling and Adult Education

The bachelor's programme in Counseling and Adult Education consists of 180 credits in total. There is a need for a well-educated and flexible workforce in society. Therefore, it is important that everyone get the opportunity to learn and to develop themselves throughout their whole life. Counseling and guidance is a pedagogical unit in helping persons, groups and organizations to accomplish growth and development through a positive world view. Adult learning includes the acquiring of competence and knowledge that people experience during a lifetime.


Master of Science in Counseling

The master's programme in Counseling is a two-year study which is equal to 120 credits. 52,5 credits consist of topics within counseling theories and methods. The teaching is both theoretical and practical, with group counseling, system oriented counseling and counseling from a practical perspective as important elements. The aim of the study is to provide the students with education in helping people to develop personal insight and competence that increase their communication and collaboration skills.


Master of Science in Adult Learning

The master's programme in Adult Learning consists of 120 credits in total. It is possible to study full-time during a two-year period or take it as a part-time study during a period of four years. Changes in society and a demand for flexibility increase adults' need for learning through life. Education and competence building is now a priority in diverse organizations and institutions. The master's programme in Adult Learning aims to provide a research based education in adult learning and competence building. The study is suitable for regular students as well as persons who have work experience from areas in which the understanding of adults' competence and learning are central.


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