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Application process and forms
The application for admission is to be completed in cooperation with one's potential primary supervisor. The application form and other forms relating to admission can be downloaded in either Norwegian or English.

The primary supervisor should hold a research position at NTNU; that is a professor, associate professor or adjunct professor. The primary supervisor must have a doctoral degree, or equivalent qualifications, within the relevant field of study.

Application Submission
The application should be submitted to the relevant department. The primary supervisor and the department should give their assessment of the application before it is sent on to the faculty for further evaluation.

The faculty committee meets about once every month. (Doktorgradsutvalget )

Admission requirements
An admission requirement is that one hold a Master's degree (similar or equivalent educations also considered). In addition, one must have obtained a B or better during one's last 2 years of study (corresponding to 120 credits/ECTS).

Nominal study period
The nominal length of study for the PhD programme at IVT is 3 years. The maximum time of study is 6 years.

Faculty Regulations
The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology has its own regulations regarding project content. [English ], [Norwegian]

Course Information
Course descriptions and information about PhD courses can found via the Studies tab for the NTNU website, under the menu item All Courses.

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