The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Programmes of study

The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology offers doctoral and graduate-level engineering programmes (sivilingeniør) in a host of science and technology fields, as well as an undergraduate level programme in geology. In addition, the faculty offers eleven master's-level programmes—so called International Master's Programmes—which are taught entirely in English. In all, there are more than 30 programmes and dozens of specializations to choose from.

Doctoral Programme

PhD studies at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology are closely linked with our research initiatives and departments. The doctoral education programme combines academics with methodological schooling and hands on experience.

The typical length for the PhD programme is three years and is comprised of one semester of additional study and 2.5 years of dissertation work and research. Each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship. The host department for each discipline can assist you in finding information about available positions and research fellowships.

Additional information:

Standard study progression, Bachelor, Master, PhD

NTNU Bridge

About NTNU Bridge

Do you wish to collaborate with an employer on your thesis?

NTNU Bridge will inform you of the sorts of collaborative opportunities that exist, as well as the processes and procedures that are required to start a collaborative relationship with an employer. We also offer you useful tips and career counselling, as well as concrete opportunities for collaboration with employers.

Use the opportunity to make contact with potential employers while you are a student.

How to get started:

  1. Find the topic that is just right for you under "Announcements"
  2. Discuss the topic with your department or potential supervisors
  3. Complete and send an application to the employer
  4. Arrange a start-up meeting with the employer and your supervisor
  5. Agree on a topic outline, the responsibilities of all parties and a project timeline
  6. Complete the NTNU standard agreement

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