JRC Workshop 2013-2 at NTNU November 19-22 2013

A delegation consisting of 16 people from Shanghai Jiao Tong University attended the 2nd JRC workshop at NTNU Gløshaugen Campus, on November 20 -21.

On Wednesday 20 there was a plenary session with opening addresses by NTNU Pro-Rector Kari Melby and Professor Ruzhu Wang, SJTU.  Then parallel Workshop sessions started up for the groups of:
- Energy Use in Buildings
- Energy System Analysis
- CO2 as Natural Working Fluid
- Catalysis (New!) 
- Education;
Double Degree MSc

At the JRC board meeting held during the workshop a new research group was approved and taken up as a full menbmer of the JRC - collaboration: The Catalytic Processes Group is headed by Professor Wen-De Xiao from SJTU together with Professor De Chen, NTNU.  

The workshops continued on Thursday November 21 before summing up in a plenary session at the end of the day.



JRC Workshop 2013-1 at SJTU August 2013

During the The 2013 International Graduate Summer School Course on Sustainable Energy there were also arranged a couple of JRC - meetings (individual meetings for some of the research groups) and two plenary sessions.

The research groups who were able to meet were:
- Energy Use in Buildings
- Refrigeration; CO2 as Working Fluid
- Smart Grids
- Education & Administration



Summer school 2013-2

The 2013 International Graduate Summer School Course on Sustainable Energy takes place in the period Saturday July 27 – Friday August 9

Patricipatns from NTNU:
Students: Clara Stina Good, Line Bjugstad, Liv Aune Hagen, Anja Myreng Skaran, Even De Lanlay, Sven Kraggerud Hove, Ludvig Nielsen, Tina Slåttedal Jacobsen and Birgitte Andresen.
Teachers: Trygve Magne Eikevik, Vojislav Novakovic, Annemie Wyckmans, Rolf Andre Bohne and Olav Bjarte Fosso.



Summer school 2013-1

NTNU participants at the "Energy Environment and Society Summer Course" in the period  Monday June 24 – Friday July 12:
Students: Song Linan, Jon Midthjell, Anne Hvatum, Egil Ytrehus, Arv Håkon Breistøl, Britt C. Hvinden, Elin Moland, Hanna Lindseth, Bergljot Tjønn, Daniel Stølsbotn and Ingrid Ekle.
Teachers: Gard Hopsdal Hansen, Henrik Karlstrøm



Summer Activities in 2013

This summer will be rather active, amongst others by 2 summer schools arranged at SJTU Minhang Campus:

1. Energy Environment and Society Summer Course Monday June 24 – Friday July 12

2. 2013 International Graduate Summer School Course on Sustainable Energy, Saturday July 27 – Friday August 9

NTNU will participate on both schools on the teaching side as well as having participants (MSc students).



Successful Workshop in November 2012

This JRC-workshop has been very successful for the development of the Joint Research Centre. It was attended by altogether 36 participants –11 from SJTU and 25 from NTNU.

Since the opening session on Wednesday morning we have carried out workshops within the scientific areas "Energy Use in Buildings" and "Offshore Wind Power and Grids", as well as "Education" and "Administration". The programme also allowed for laboratory visits and a "Summing Up Session" where the status and plans for the work ahead were presented. The full reports will be found as power point presentations at "Workshops", but some main points are mentioned below:

• The economic situation for our JRC is very positive, thanks to a grant from the Research Council of Norway (RCN), who have awarded our application with 1.85 million NOK for three years operation (2013-2015). The Administration Group has proposed to use these resources to organize one JRC Seminar annually, to finance exchange of researchers PhD-students, and to finance exchange of Master students (Double Degree).
• Joint publications from the PhD-projects are essential !
• Involvement of industry is another important area, where we have ambitious long term goals. Therefore the Administration Group asks all the fundamental research areas to start recruiting partners immediately for the workshops at the main JRC Seminar at NTNU in June next year.
• The newly launched ENERGIX research programme will be the next large Energy research programme in Research Council of Norway. ENERGIX has recently launched a call with February 13 as deadline. All the fundamental research areas should study the call and find out if this call is relevant for the area and open up for an application.

Energy Use in Buildings
• The "Energy in Buildings" Group carried out a comprehensive programme with more than 20 participants, including also representatives of two Norwegian industrial partners (Hydro Aluminium and YIT).

Offshore Wind & Smart Grids
• This JRC workshop also made it possible to organize the first workshop and start up activity within the new fundamental research area of "Offshore Wind & Smart Grids" which was decided on the JRC Board Meeting in June. This is a very positive development on an area with large potential both in China and Norway

This means that we have now started up activity on 5 fundamental research areas:
• Energy System Analysis
• Energy Use in Buildings
• Offshore Wind & Smart Grids
• Use of CO2 as Natural Working Fluid
• Process Technology (LNG)

On the Education side we had the opportunity for all involved people to sit around the table together and plan in detail how we shall carry out the "Double Degree Master" which we have agreed to offer to our students. This was a very good demonstration of "team work" which will also be needed when we are going to carry it out next summer. And all the areas should be thankful to this group, because what they have developed is a "Portal", which will be utilized for "Refrigeration" in the beginning, but which may be used by all the fundamental research areas in future. "Energy Use in Building" organized an "Education workshop" on Wednesday and they will probably be the next.


Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

Workshop 2012-2 in Trondheim, November 28 - 30

A delegation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University consisting of 10 people lead by Professor Ruzhu WANG and Professor Yong LI will visit NTNU Gløshaugen Campus on November 28 - 30.

The main event will be the workshop arranged by the "Energy in Buildings" group, which will take place on November 28 - 29. A two days meeting will also be arrnged for an "Offshore Wind and Smart grids" group.

On Friday November 30 there will be a meeting with NTNU's rector Torbjørn Digernes.

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

Two more JRC PhD positions awarded

Mr. Zhequan Jin from Shanghai Jiao tong University has as per November 2012 accepted the PhD position within the working area "Use of CO2 as Working Fluid".

Ms. Han Deng from China has accepted the PhD position within the working area of     Process Technology / LNG. She will start when her permission is approved.

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

New JRC PhD position awarded

A new JRC PhD position at NTNU has been awarded, as  PhD student Clara Good started October 1st 2012. Her topic is Integrated performance simulation of the contribution of BIPV/T systems to zero energy/emission buildings. Congratulations to the happy cadidate! 

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

June 6: JRC Cultural Event

11 participants from the NTNU team could enjoy a cultural event together with friends from SJTU, organised by associate professors Yong Li and Haitao Hu, the latter being the travel leader . This time we went to the quiet water town Wuzhen, the "Venedig" of China, which was an excellent choice. These cultural events on the third day is a very important part of our JRC Seminar Culture, giving an opportunity to walk around together and experience things and places which are quite unique for the visiting part and opening minds and improving communication. This is a very important part of the Friendship strategy and the trip was very succesful.

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

June 5 2012: Parallel workshops for the different working areas

The parallell Workshop sessions took place at the Green Energy Laboratorium on the morning session, and in the afternoon there were very good and encouraging presentations from  the groups of:
- Energy in buildings
- Energy system analysis
- CO2 as working fluid
- Education; Double Degree MSc
- Offshore Wind & Smartgrids

The presentations confirmed nice progress of the commenced projects.

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

June 4 2012: JRC SJTU - NTNU Opening Ceremony; the JRC officially opened!

SJTU by Assoc. Prof. Yong Li and Prof. Ruzhu Wang were responsible for preparations and carrying out a successful program on the JRC Opening Seminar. The highlight was the most memorable signing ceremony on the Agreement of the unique Double Degree MSc Program by SJTU President Jie Zhang and NTNU RectorTorbjørn Digernes, who afterwards opened the JRC officially by unveiling the JRC Centre Plate. See more on SJTU's webpage at http://news.sjtu.edu.cn/info/1021/125479.htm  http://news.sjtu.edu.cn/info/1021/125479.htm
and on NTNU's Rectorate blog by Rector Torbjørn Digernes at http://www.ntnu.no/blogger/rektoratet/2012/06/en-internasjonal-milep%c3%a6l-ntnus-f%c3%b8rste-joint-research-center-apnet-i-shanghai/ 


Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

June 4 2012: JRC SJTU - NTNU Opening Seminar

Before the official opening of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) a plenary strategic session was arranged at the Green Energy Laboratory at the Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 
The audience enjoyed strategic speeches from both SJTU and NTNU universities, from the Research Council of Norway and from invited industrial companies, all of them underlining that the plans for what to do within the JRC is really important. The presentations given included:

 1. JRC Vice Director, Professor Ruzhu Wang, SJTU
2. Dean Lifeng Xi, SJTU
3. Rector Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU
4. Executive Director Fridtjof Unander, Research Council of Norway
5. Prof. Yanjun Dai, SJTU  
6. JRC Director, Professor Arne M. Bredesen, NTNU
7. Vice Dean Svein Remseth, NTNU
8. PhD Hugo Yu, Shanghai Electric
9. Vice President Jens-Petter Kvarstein, Statoil CHN

Chairman for the strategic plenary session was Associate Professor Yong Li, SJTU. After the plenary session the JRC Opening Ceremony took place (see above).


Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

JRC Seminar in Shanghai in June 2012

The first JRC - seminar in 2012 is arrangerd by SJTU on 4th to 6th June. In addition to strategic plenary session and individual professional workshops two great events will take place:

1. Signing ceremony Agreement on double degree master program

2. Unveil SJTU-NTNU Joint Research Center Plate and declare the official opening of the JRC-centre at SJTU's Green Energy Laboratory.

The preparatory cooperation phase which endured in 2010 - 2011 is succeded by official operation of the JRC cooperation in 2012 and hereafter, which will be marked by the official opening stated above.    

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

MSc Double Degree in "Sustainable Energy"

Both institutions have for some time cooperated on and completed a draft for a Double-Degree Master in Sustainable Energy'. This double degree includes awards of MSc degree from both institutions after completion of the study, which lasts for 5,5 years. Both SJTU and NTNU have decided to realize this programme and start by student exchange (and project affiliation) in 2013. 


Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

JRC PhD position awarded

Many well qualified candidates sent in their applications to the PhD positions at NTNU. PhD student Marius Korsnes has been employed from May 2012 on the project  "Developing offshore wind industry in and between China and Norway". Congratulations to the happy cadidate! 

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

Announcement of JRC PhD positions

SJTU and NTNU have already decided to start up four joint research projects in which totally eight PhD students from both universities will be recruited.For each project there will be a pair of PhD students and supervisors from both universities. An important issue is to have exchange of the PhD students between the universities, and the PhD candidates located at NTNU will have the opportunity to carry out part of their work at SJTU in Shanghai.

The links below refer to the 4 PhD positions at NTNU and the application deadlines are 31 January 2012. An application inclusive CV, grade transcripts, and other enclosures are to be submitted via the internal link "Apply for this job" 

Project title: "Developing offshore wind industry in and between China and Norway".
Link: http://www.jobbnorge.no/job.aspx?jobid=79896

Project title: "Integrated performance simulation of BIPV/T systems, analyzing their potential to fulfill the energy requirements of a typical residential building in Shanghai and Trondheim, aiming to achieve zero energy/emission buildings". Link: http://www.jobbnorge.no/job.aspx?jobid=79895

Project title: "Development of a concept for utilizing CO2 as refrigerant in air conditioning and heat pump systems in combination with ground source storage".
Link: http://www.jobbnorge.no/job.aspx?jobid=79894

Project title: "Cooling and Condensation of Multicomponent Mixtures for improved LNG Processes".
Link: http://www.jobbnorge.no/job.aspx?jobid=79892 

 Process Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)Process Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)Process Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)Process Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)Process Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)nnnnnnnhhProcess Technology & LNG Technology group (IVT – 109/11)Process Technology & LNG Technology gro


Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

Great progress achieved at the JRC Workshop on "Education" Nov. 28-29 2011

Again the teams from NTNU and SJTU experienced a successful workshop on 28 - 29 November 28 - 29 at SJTU's Minhang campus. Assoc. Prof. Yong LI and his team had done a very good job in preparing the meeting on Monday, where the aim was to bring forward an agreement for the new double degree education programme between SJTU and NTNU. The meeting was carrried out in an open and friendly atmosphere encouraging all participants to contribute; both by bringing forward questions and issues important to handle, and by finding solutions.

On Tuesday 29 November the groups enjoyed a very nice visit to the city of Tongli and amongst others walked the "Three bridges" together to secure a long and successful development of the JRC within research and education.

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

JRC Workshop on "Education" in Shanghai Nov. 28-29 2011

A workshop on "Education" will take place at SJTU's facilities on November 28 - 29. Five persons from NTNU will participate to discuss amongst others exchange of students, double MSc degree, announcement  of PhD positions on common JRC-projects, funding possibilities, etc. 

Responsible and contact person for the arrangement is Assoc. Prof. Yong Li, SJTU. 

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

28 Sept. 2011: The Norwegian Embassy in China appreciates the JRC collaboration

The JRC Agreement and collaboration between SJTU and NTNU has achieved acknowledgement and support from the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, as showed by their report from the workshop in Trondheim September 2011. The report can be read on the Embassy's website at http://www.norway.cn/News_and_events/Education-and-research/Research/Energy-delegation-from-Shanghai-Jiaotong-University-visited-Norwegian-University-of-Science-and-Technology/ 

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

21 Sept. 2011: Decision on starting up the first JRC research projects

At the JRC Board meeting at NTNU on September 21 the Board decided to approve and start up of 4 different project proposals presented at the JRC workshop earlier this day.

Congratulations to the following groups and their projects:

Group: Energy system analysis
Title:    "Developing offshore wind industry in and between China and Norway"

Group: The Use of CO2 as a working fluid
Title:   "Development of a concept for utilizing CO2 as refrigerant in air conditioning and heat pump systems in combination with ground source storage"

Group: Process Technology -LNG Technology
Title:   "Cooling and Condensation of MulticomponentMixtures for improved LNG Processes"

Group: Energy use in buildings
Title:   "Integrated performance simulation of BIPV/T systems, analyzing their potential to fulfill the energy requirements of a typical residential building in Shanghai and Trondheim, aiming to achieve zero energy/emission buildings" 

JRC Workshop no. 2 - 2011 at NTNU 19 - 21 September

NTNU arranged the 2nd JRC workshop in 2011 at it's distinguished venue Lerchendal Gaard 19-21 September. As the previous workshop at SJTU's campus in Shanghai in May 2011 this workshop also turned out successfully. Program., presentations, etc. can be found at the subfolder "Workshop 2 - 2011" on this website  

JRC Workshop no. 1 - 2011 at SJTU's Minhang Campus in Shanghai 3 - 5 May

The JRC collaboration between SJTU and NTNU is rolling on and a workshop took place at SJTU's modern campus in primo May 2011. Experts from both universities within the identified working areas met and project proposals were initiated. By this the workshop turned out into a great success for both institutions, which culminated by a superb social programme arranged by the hosts; Professor Ruzhu Wang & Assoc. Prof. Yong Li and their staff.

The participants...      ...and terminating the successful workshop by performing "the Wave"


Joint Reaearch Centre SJTU - NTNU

29 Nov. 2010: JRC grants funding from RCN

An application for funding for a pilot project that aims to plan and initiate start-up activities within the JRC agreement in 2011 was approved from RCN (the Research Council of Norway) today. Thank you very much! :-) 

28 May 2010: The 1st JRC Workshop

The main working areas addressed by the JRC are:

1. Gas technology to support the utilization of natural gas to substitute for coal (LNG technology – Distributed CCHP)
2. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases – Use of CO2 as working fluid
3. Renewable energy (solar, wind, ambient)
4. Energy use in buildings / Zero Emission Buildings
5. Energy system analysis and optimization

On Friday May 28, we were able to hold the first SJTU-NTNU JRC workshop in Shanghai. 18 participants were present and 16 presentations within the selected working areas were given by professors from SJTU and NTNU. 

Joint Research Centre SJTU - NTNU

26 May 2010: The JRC agreement in Sustainable Energy is signed

A Joint Research Centre is a collaborative model used in China for development of international relations and marks a formalized and structured cooperation which attracts national basic funding. JRC provides collaborative relationship attention and significance in the Chinese universities as well as to the authorities and financial institutions.

The JRC Agreement is a result of a long term development which started in 2004, when NTNU decided to develop strategic long term cooperation with selected Chinese universities within the energy sector. The close cooperation we have enjoyed with Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway (supported by BILAT projects) has made it possible for NTNU to bring forward this JRC Agreement. It is a result of a long series of workshops and seminars both in China and Norway, where mutual trust and friendship has been developed. 

The visit of the large NTNU centennial delegation to China in connection with EXPO 2010, headed by the rector, was an excellent opportunity to follow up on the development of our contacts. An energy team of 10 professors from NTNU  visited SJTU from May 25 to 30. The aim was to contribute to the development of Joint Research Centres with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
The decision was taken in 2009 to use Joint Research Centres as an instrument for the development of cooperation, after discussions and communication with the Chinese Embassy. Before our journey, the Chinese Ambassador visited NTNU on May 13 to be informed about our preparation work. 

Thanks to efficient cooperation and preparations by both SJTU and NTNU's top management, we were able to bring forward an agreement on a Joint Research Centre on Sustainable Energy between SJTU and NTNU before our visit. This made it possible to organize a signing ceremony at the main building of the SJTU campus on May 26, where the agreement was signed by SJTU President Jie Zhang and NTNU Rector Torbjørn Digernes (see picture). The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Research and Education, Kyrre Lekve and representatives of the Research Council of Norway participated in the signing ceremony.

The contact persons responsible for the development of the JRC are Professor Ruzhu Wang, SJTU and Professor Arne Bredesen, NTNU.