Ethnicity, gender and gender equality

This research group is a forum for the acquirement and development of knowledge within the field of gender, ethnicity and gender equality. The choice of subjects and themes challenges the interplay of these categories within the lives of human beings in the societies and cultures they live within. The group takes use of cultural theories and analytical tools for analysing such interplay. An important point of focus is to make visible through analysis that which have been normalized and made a "taken for grantedness", and the power expressions this legitimate.

The groups themes of research are concentrated around work life/education, personal relations and the construction of gender, ethnicity and gender equality in different types of text material. Which understandings of gender and ethnicity is being shaped and administrated within the different arenas? What categories and phenomenon does gender and ethnicity interact with, and under what terms and with what effect on whom?

Contact:  Associate Professor Berit Gullikstad