Women's health - PCOS

We investigate polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in both pregnant and non-pregnant women. We follow women before, during and after pregnancy, and their children with somatic and cognitive examinations.

Our aim is to survey the long-term health of mothers with PCOS and their children. We explore possible consequences of PCOS and possible effects of metformin on hemodynamics, pharmacokinetics, weight development, body composition, hormones, metabolism and lung function.

Other areas of interest are breastfeeding related to long-term health of mother and child, patient claims in gynecology, labour induction, breech deliveries and hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting in pregnancy).


We have ongoing collaborations with the Children's Clinic and the Department of clinical pharmacology at St. Olavs Hospital, and the research group of Inflammation and genetics in pregnancy and the group Exercise, cardiometabolic health and reproduction at NTNU.

We also have ongoing clinical and epidemiological studies and collaborations with established research groups in Bergen (Norway), Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada and Australia, where we explore different aspects of PCSO, obesity and breastfeeding.

Research projects

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