Dentists and Pharmacies/Chemists

Norway’s dental health system is a little different than its health care system. Here's what you need to know.

The programme covers basic dental care for children and young adults to the age of 18, with additional sliding scale coverage of orthodontics. Adults typically pay for their own dental care. Each county has its own public dental clinics where children are treated; in Sør-Trøndelag, for example, there are 11 clinics in the greater Trondheim area, with another two dozen throughout the county. Adults can also be treated at these public clinics, or at a private practititioner’s office. Look under “Tannlege” in the yellow pages (gulesider) of the phone book to find addresses and phone numbers for both private and public dentist offices.

The greater Trondheim area is served by a number of chemists, or pharmacies (called apotek in Norwegian), most of which are typically open from 0900-1800 on weekdays and from 0900 to 1500 on Saturdays. The hospital maintains a branch pharmacy that is open until midnight every day of the week at Solsiden (Beddingen 4), in downtown Trondheim. Doctors can write two types of prescriptions; one, on blue paper, is a medication that you must have to treat a health problem. These types of prescriptions are covered by the health insurance scheme, and so you as the patient pay only a nominal cost for the drug. Prescriptions written on white paper, for medicine that is not medically necessary, can also be filled at the pharmacy, but the patient bears the full cost of the drug. Full-time NTNU students are eligible for a refund for a portion of their medical and dental costs. Details can be found on SiT’s web pages here.