Safety and Emergencies

Norway in general, and Trondheim in specific, are very safe places to both visit and live.

Crime rates are very low, although you need to make certain to lock your bike -- Trondheim does suffer from a high incidence of bicycle theft, like many other university cities around the globe. Women are generally safe walking alone, but common sense should prevail: it’s probably better to have a companion late at night or in some of the darker or more remote parts of the city.

In an emergency
If an emergency should arise, the casualty clinic or emergency room (legevakt) is located at St. Olavs Hospital in downtown Trondheim. For acute medical emergencies, ring 113; for police, ring 112; and for fire, ring 110.

Emergency numbers

Who to call:

Acute medical emergencies: 113
Police: 112
Fire: 110