Practical information

Living expenses - what to expect

There's no escaping the reality: living in Norway is expensive. What follows are some descriptions of what you can expect in terms of expenses while you are a student here.

In 2014-2015, the Norwegian government requires international students to demonstrate that they have NOK 97850 at their disposal for an academic year. That works out to NOK 9785 a month.

Here's how you might expect to spend that money:

  • Housing: This is going to be your single biggest expense. Even a modest room in someone's basement can cost NOK 3000 a month -- and that may not include Internet, heat or electricity. Plan on roughly NOK4000 a month for housing, more if you want more space.
  • Food: Another high cost item, since food in Norway is generally quite expensive. Plan on about NOK 2400 a month, or about NOK 600 a week. Depending on where you come from, this may sound like a lot, but it's not -- not in Norway, anyway.
  • Books and supplies: NOK 1000 a month would not be unreasonable, but you'll end up spending a lot of money at the beginning of the semester, of course.
  • Transport: This can be quite variable, but you should plan on at least NOK 500 a month. A 30-day pass on the bus system, AtB, costs NOK 400. There are other options available, listed on the bus webpages. For travel a little farther afield, you can use a regional bus system, Nor-Way, or the national train system, NSB. If you book your train in advance you can get a heavily reduced fare called a minipris.
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