Doctors, clinics, and the student health station

In practice, every participant in the Norwegian health system is assigned to or chooses a general practitioner, called a “fastlege”, who works as the main doctor overseeing that person’s health.

Each fastlege works in a clinic, and you can make an appointment in advance to see your fastlege with questions or problems for him or her, or for issues that might need referral to a specialist. If you need to see a doctor for a more acute illness, you can simply book time with another doctor at the clinic where your fastlege is located. Ideally, your fastlege will work at a clinic near to where you live, but sometimes there are no free places with doctors in the clinic closest to your home, and you may be assigned to a clinic that requires a little more travel. There are also a variety of private physicians and clinics that you can use, but you must pay for these yourself.

NTNU has a special student clinic on the Gløshaugen campus with five doctors and related staff, but due to the sheer number of students, not all NTNU students will be assigned to this clinic. SiT, the student organization in Trondheim, also sponsors a free health station every Wednesday evening where medical help and advice are available on a first come, first serve basis.