Affiliated PhD fellows

List of affiliated PhD fellows
Name Home institution email address Project title
José Luis Rojas Díaz NHH Equivalences of phraseological units in English-Spanish specialized dictionaries: Preservation or creativity?
Ziyuan Zhang NHH Terminology, Corpora and language resources
Marte Fjørtoft NHH The climate issue as a communicative arena: a linguistic-discursive study of goverment-produced climate change texts in Norway and Bolivia
Claudia Förster Hegrenæs NHH Metaphors in Translation: A cognitive study on the relationship between translation competence, translation strategies and the translated product
Linn Thesere Holsen NHH Effects of social and commercial innovations on attractiveness as an employer
Pjotr Akulinitsev NHH Determinants of fraud risk assessment performance.
Research interests: Judgement and Decision Making Research in Auditing
Anna K. Jørgensen NTNU

Gender-neutral pronouns in contemporary Scandinavian language use
Line Sjøtun Helganger NTNU/HSN Ironi og metaspråklig bevissthet. En intonologisk studie av den ironiske tonen
Elena Morgan NTNU Origins of semantic composition in early cognitive development
Linda Evenstad Emilsen NTNU/HiOF Acquisition of placement of nominal constituents in Norwegian L2
Matina Micai NTNU Reading comprehension mechanisms in ASD: Metacognitive processes and executive function
Sara Ramos Cabo NTNU Deictic language and deictic spectrum disorders, language and cognition, gesture-language coordination
Nicole Busby NTNU Studying in a second language: How does the use of English language teaching resources in Norwegian universities affect students?
Eirik Hvidsten  NTNU A systematic study of the French clitic "en" in an SLA perspective  
Tina Luise Ringstad Larsen NTNU Micro cue transfer in child language
Maria Boer Johannessen NTNU The distribution and function of the Norwegian particle 'ass' in the Oslo dialect
Ragnhild Eik NTNU

Exoskeletal semantics: compositionality and convention i Norwegian compounds

Anne Mette Sunde NTNU

English interference in Norwegian grammar among young Norwegians. Language practices and structural compromise strategies

Agata Bochynska NTNU

Spatial cognition and spatial language in autism

Signe Rix Berthelin NTNU Modality in Uummarmiutun
Sindre Dagsland NTNU Pupils' writing of reflective and explorative utterances
Maren Berg Grimstad NTNU Grammatical outcomes of language contact: Towards a unified model for the analysis of bilingual phenomena
Inger Johansen NTNU The South Sámi language community - assimilation, revitalisation and linguistic diversity
Perlaug Marie Kveen NTNU Prosodi mellom aust og vest. Ein studie av intonasjon og andre prosodiske fenomen som målmerke i det midlandske dialektområdet
Ingrid Stock NTNU Intertextuality in academic writing
Cherise Storlie-Kristoffersen NTNU A shared terminology in writing
Friederike Voss NTNU Discourse reference and situation models in situated child language comprehension
Camilla Hellum Foyn NTNU Situated reference in language acquisition: Visual and emotional information in L1 language comprehension
Brita Ramsevik Riksem NTNU Roots and frames: Intra-individual language mixing in the Norwegian noun phrase
Verena Elisabeth Lechner UiA Connection visualization through the basic graphic element of the line
Sigrunn Askland UiA The role of grammer in the teaching of languages in Norwegian schools
Arild H. Henriksen UiA A minimalist comparison of passives in english and Norwegian
Bjørg M. Nyjordet UiA

Små barn på nett. En resepsjonsstudie av femåringers bruk og opplevelse av

Lenka Garshol UiA

An investigation of agreement errors in high school students’ texts: Causes and remedies

Ingunn Flatøy UiA Early Literacy and the Use of ABC Online Resources
Kirsten Linnea Kruse UiA Interactive white board as a learning arena for a multimodal focus on early literacy learning
Tore Frøland Sveberg UiA SE FAIRE INFINITIF - une construction à plusieurs interpretations
Terje S. Torgilstveit UiA Studier i eldre germanske språk og tekster, med vekt på mellomnorsk
Anne Marit Foss UiA Tro og sikkerhet. En sosialsemiotisk studie av forhandling om mening i kristne trossamfunns selvpresentasjoner på nett.
Boriana Vukovska UiA Hode- og hjertemetaforer i norsk
Adrian Førde Andersson UiA Det multimodale samspillet på internett: En studie av nettbasert kulturformidling
Kamil Malarski UiA


Loss of Rhoticity in the South-West of England

Anne-Kate Ellingsen UiA Retoriske strategier i debatten rundt atomkraft i Frankrike
Kimberly Skjelde UiB

Vocabulary Assessment: Measuring written receptive vocabulary knowledge among Norwegian EFL learners

Juliane Tiemann UiB Speculum regale: Informasjons- og syntaksstruktur i den gammelnorske lærdomsdialogen Konungs skuggsjá
Vibeke Rønneberg UiB The impact of disfluencies in text production
Christian Manga UiB Polyphony in political discourse in Cameroon
Francic Badiang Oloko UiB Global warming in the Cameroon political discourse
Robert Kristof Paulsen UiB Approaching old Norwegian phonology through the application of an etymologically and morphologically defined referetial orthography
Benedicte Irgens UiB Person deixis in Japanese and English- a contrastive functional analysis 
Yang Yang UiB

Can 'one-language- two-scripts' be a viable future solution in China: From comparative perspective of Norwegian experience

Sunniva Petersen Johansen UiB Teksttypar og tekstleg heterogenitet i norsk i videregående
Hjalmar Eiksund UiB Literacy- med nynorsk eller bokmål som hovedmål: gransking av skrivekompetanse i eit norsk tospråk-perpektiv
Karoline Haugsvær UiB The new obligatory Norwegian test for adult migrants - a valid door opener to the labour market?
Nazuki Kobayashi UiB Cross-cultural influence? The case of Norwegian students of Japanese with focus on the speech act request
Helene Hildremyr UiB New dialect formation: Language changes in Odda and Tyssedal over the last hundred years
Nina Schjetne UiB

Traces of language shift in early childhood - a study of literacy skills in internationally adopted children in the fifth grade at elementary school

Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard UiB Multiword expressions in Norwegian
Margunn Rauset UiB Phraseological differences between the written standards of Norwegian. Surveying and adapting lexicographically the set phrases of Bokmål and Nynorsk
Sigrid Ørevik UiB Genres in the digitized EFL classroom
Trude Bukve UiB Language attitudes in higher education
Benedikte Fjellanger Vardøy UiB Attitudes to varieties of Russian spoken language
Kristin Torjesen Marti UiO Communicating climate change. Positioning in student texts on climate and environment issues
Johan Bollaert UiO Inskrifter med romanska bokstaver - En skrift-kultur i Norden?
Bianca Patria UiO

Heiti's semantics. Lexical analysis as an investigative tool for expressive and compositional strategies in Skaldic Stanzas
Karen Holmqvist UiO A personality set in stone
Øyvind Thormodsæter UiO The phraseology and semantics of lexemes denoting feelings or emotions in English and Norwegian
Stine Hulleberg Johansen UiO The art of the unsaid - Exploring the use of hedging strategies in a cross-cultural perspective
Jorunn Simonsen Thingnes UiO Language management in Norwegian academia
Rafael  Lomeu Gomes UiO

Family Language Policies of Brazilian Immigrants in Norway

Jessica P.B. Hansen UiO

Multilingual practices, conversation analysis, digital interaction, institutional interaction, interpreting

Julian Lysvik UiO Understanding phonological metathesis: Functional and formal approaches
Ingeborg Sophie Ribu UiO Language in normal aging and dementia
Helene Killmer UiO Repetition in conversation of persons with aphasia
Beverly Boos UiO The power of one: Unity in the social relational grammer
Yvonne van Baal UiO Compositional definiteness: Vulnerable in heritage Norwegian?
Alexander Kristoffersen Lykke UiO Finiteness and V2 in heritage Norwegian
Elena Callegari UiO Word order in the left periphery
Espen Klævik-Pettersen UiO  V2 in late Latin, Old French and middle high German: a comparative study 
Maria Antonina Obojska UiO

Language, youth and identity in Polish families in Norway

Oda Røste Odden UiO A family of type noun constructions. The use of slag(s). sort(s) and typ(e) in Norwegian and Swedish

Tamar Kalandadze


Comprehension of figurative language by persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Steve Pepper UiO

Nominal compounding in cross-linguistic perspective

Federico Aurora UiO Case in Mycenaean Greek
Marthe Burgess UiO Multimodal text production at lower secondary level
Diana Camps UiO The discursive construction of users in the language standardization of Limburgish
Elina Kangas UiO Meänkieli language users' relation to the standardisation process of their own language (working title)
Alla Kharina UiO Realia in Contemporary Russian–Norwegian Literary Translations: A Corpus-Based Study of Lexis
Angelika Müth UiO Indefiniteness and differential object marking in Classical Armenian
Veronica Pajaro UiO The negotiation of professional identities in job interviews: minority background candidates in a Norwegian health service institution
Per Erik Solberg UiO Logoforisitet, finitthet og kontekst
Gloria Otchere UiO A corpus-based exploration of cross-linguistic influences on the perfect in spoken Ghanaian English
Urd Vindenes UiO Demonstrative intensifiers in Norwegian dialects
Natalia Jardon UiT The morphosyntax of the verbal system in Northwestern varieties of Iberian romance
Sigridur Bjoernsdottir UiT

Learning in different populations
Uliana Petrunina UiT

Part of speech ambiguity (participles) and its resolution using weights
Maud Westendorp UiT Rethinking verb second in Scandinavian: a synchronic and diachronic analysis
Bror-Magnus Sviland Strand UiT Norwegian preschool and primary school children's syntactic and morphological competence in their role-playing register
Monica Sætermo UiT Dialect and identity encounter in Tromsø
Ragni Vik Johnsen UiT Adolescents in multilingual families: a generational linuistic gap?- Ideology, identity and language practices in multilingual families  
Maria Nordrum UiT Clustered rivalry: What linguistic rivalry tells us about the Russian aspectual system   
Franziska Jensen UiT Norwegian learners and their struggle with German word order. Use Topological Field Analysis in class
Carmen Florina Savu UiT The nanosyntax of Greek and Romanian nominal inflection
Ritva Nystad UiT Biehttaleami aččodeampi davvisámegielas
Sebastian Bican-Miclescu UiT Locatives and the Organization of the Lexicon
Inga Mikkelsen UiT Julevsámegielak mánáj bájkogárgesåmastibme gå E-gielan la variasjånnå.

Philipp Conzett

UiT Deverbale kortsubstantiv i norsk
Mari Keränen UiT Comparing language policies and language planning in Norway
Hana Kucerova UiT Genitive and partitive in Kven dialects - structure and variation
Sandra Ronai UiT Decomposing Conjugation: A Nanosyntactic View on Verbal Inflectional Morphology
Desalegn Workneh UiT Definiteness concord
Joe Collins UiT Phonology as data compression
Kristina Svensen UiT

Spanish, morphology, derivation, adjectives, Spanish

Anne Sætersdal Myklestad HiB anne.sæ  Writing competence among Norwegian young learners of ESL


Chamila Thushari Attanapola