Housing for international students

The Office of International Relations is responsible for allocating accommodation to international students. You should not, under any circumstances, try booking a room on your own at the Students Welfare Organization (SiT) before you have received booking information from the Office of International Relations at NTNU.

SiT rules regulate that no more than 30 percent of the rooms in the student villages are allocated to international students. NTNU therefore has to prioritize who will get student housing.

Almost all international students who are allocated housing will be placed at Steinan or Moholt student village which are the only student villages that are furnished. 

Exchange students

If you have applied for an exchange period at NTNU before the deadline (1 May for the autumn semester /1 October for the spring semester), you will automatically be considered for housing.

All students who are accepted will be informed about housing before their arrival. Students arriving in the autumn semester can expect to be contacted by the International office at NTNU at the end of June while students arriving in January can excpect an answer in the end of November.

Please check your email regularly in this period to make sure you do not miss any information! Often we experience that the e-mail sent by us does not reach the student, but is redirected to the spam folder. If you have not received an email please check if your email can be located in your spam folder. 

Students who are allocated a room at the student village will receive the housing contract from the student village, SiT, before their arrival.

You should not, under any circumstances, try booking a room on your own at the Students Welfare Organization (SiT) before you have received booking information from the Office of International Relations at NTNU. These applications will be deleted.


Accepted exchange students from countries outside of the EU/EEA are guaranteed housing due to visa regulations as long as they apply within the deadline.

Students from EU/EEA countries who have applied within the deadline will be prioritized for housing before students who might have applied after the deadline. (In essence, this means that if you applied after the deadline you might have to find private accommodation). Further priority will be given to students coming from partner universities. However, please note that EU/EEA students are not guaranteed housing. About 2/3 of exchange students from partner universities from EU/EEA countries will in the autumn semester not receive a housing offer at the student village, but will have to find a private room on their own.  Free Movers are not prioritized for housing at the student village in the autumn semester.

In the spring semester there are usually vacant rooms and then normally all exchange students might get a housing offer at the student village.

Accepted students who come for an internship or project during the summer will get housing until the end of July. If you are going to stay at NTNU longer than July you must find housing on your own in the private market since new students arriving in August are prioritized.

If you are not allocated housing you will have to find private housing on your own. Please inform us asap once you have found yourself a room.

International master's programmes, Joint Nordic Degrees, Erasmus Mundus

Master's Students

New international master's students living outside Norway are guaranteed housing and will automatically be considered for housing in a single room (unless the student specifies that he will arrange his own housing). For more information about housing at the student village, SiT, please visit this webpage. Be aware that master students living in Norway will not be considered for housing. These students have to arrange for private accommodation asap after they are accepted.

If you live in the student village, and plan to go abroad for an entire exchange semester, please do the following:

  1. Contact housing@adm.ntnu.no and state how long you will be gone from NTNU
  2. After this: cancel your housing contract with SiT. Remember that you have to give one month's notice. After your contract is cancelled, your housing deposit will be transferred back to your account.
  3. Please inform the Office of International Relations to book a new room for you by contacting housing@adm.ntnu.no. If you plan on coming back to NTNU in the spring semester, contact us by sending us an e-mail in November. If you come back in the fall semester, please send us an e-mail in May.

Please note that students going for field work for a few months should not cancel their room at the student village. Only students who will be away for a whole semester may cancel their room and move back in again at another room at the student village.

The Office of International Relations is responsible for contacting SiT about the extension of housing contracts for international students. Please do not contact SiT directly about this.

Due to the difficult housing situation for students in Trondheim, and the fact that the new students arriving in August are prioritized, we will not be able to guarantee an extension. This means that if you are delayed in your studies you might have to find private accommodation. If you are delayed because of medical reasons, please bring a letter from your doctor.

Contact housing@adm.ntnu.no before April 1st if you need to extend past June 30th. If your studies will be extended past July 30th you will also have to present a confirmation letter from your academic supervisor. Give the confirmation to the programme coordinator (Oddrun Maaø oddrun.maao@ntnu.no for self-financed students and Arild Ohren arild.ohren@ntnu.no for Quota students) 

If the housing extension is approved you are unfortunately not guaranteed to keep the same room/apartment as before.