International Student Organizations

Is a student run non-profit that gives university students the oppurtunity to do professional or volunteer work abroad for a few months. Students can also join the organisation itself to gain useful work and cultural experience.

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) works in close collaboration with student associations and university authorities to improve the exchange of technological students in Europe.

ESN (ERASMUS Student Network)
The organization works to integrate international exchange students in the student life at NTNU. Priority tasks at the moment are to build a buddy system and reception programme. Throughout the year ESN arranges trips, parties, excursions, and meetings.

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) provides students at institutions of higher education with technical experience abroad relative to their studies in the broadest sense. For many students this takes the form of short work placements abroad.

ISU (International Student Union) works for international students' rights in Norway. It is also in charge of many arrangements throughout the year.

ICOT (International Club of Trondheim) was established by a group of international students studying at NTNU. The International Club of Trondheim (ICOT) is a non-profit, nonpolitical and purely social organization for students and their families.