Costs and fees -- and funding opportunities

NTNU does not charge tuition fees, even for international students. This is true of all public (state) Norwegian universities. Students may be required to pay a semester fee, but this typically amounts to around 500 NOK per semester.

However, students do need to cover their living expenses, including housing, books, food and travel. In order to get an international student visa, the Norwegian government will require you to have NOK 90 800 in a Norwegian bank account in your name to cover a 10-month university year. You can read more about this requirement on the government's Study in Norway webpage.

Additionally, there are Norwegian government programmes for which you might be eligible. What follows is a list of the main funding alternatives available to international students.


Funding type


Amount/what is covered

Quota scheme

grant and loan

Master's and PhDs

living expenses, travel/fieldwork costs, and family expenses

NOMA fellowship


Master's students

living expenses in Norway and travel

Other programmes


Master's and PhDs

varies depending upon the programme


determined by student

All students

must cover all living expenses in Norway with a minimum of NOK 90 800 per school year


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