Ohma Electra

You don't have to be a kid to love trains. In fact, many historians think railroads were key in setting the stage for modern life as we know it today.


This blue, 7.67-metre long, electric locomotive, built in 1908 by the British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. in Stafford, England, certainly fits that description, as it was Norway’s first AC electric train.

It operated as locomotive number 3 on the 25-km long Thamshavn line, which was the first electric train line in Norway to carry both goods and passengers. The line operated from 1908–1963 and travelled from the Løkken Verk mine (which produced copper-bearing sulphur pyrite ore) down to Orkdalen, where the ore could be offloaded to ships in Orkdal fjord, a branch of the Trondheim fjord.

The train came to the university on September 15, 1972, and has been installed on a 20-metre long track. It is owned by the Sanctus Omega Broderskap , a student association for electronics and technical cybernetics students at NTNU. And yes, it still works.