Strategic Area Materials



This strategic area ended in 2014. See the four new areas 2014–2023.

For decades, Materials Science research in Norway has focused mainly on structural materials due to the importance of the metallurgical- and the oil and gas industries.. Today, Materials Science at NTNU includes a wide variety of disciplines including functional materials, soft materials, light metals and advanced construction utilizing materials such as concrete, steel, aluminium and wood. Over the years, NTNU has developed strong research groups covering all these areas.


June 15-19 2014 - ICAA14
The 14th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys

October 5-6 2011 - India 2011
Aluminium Technology towards new challenges

August 24-26 2011
The 4th Chinese - Norwegian Symposium on Light Metals (4CNS) - Trondheim, Norway

August 31-September 01 2011
Norway - China Workshop on nanotechnology for (renewable) energy materials

May 23-25 2011
International Symposium on Fatigue Design & Material Defects

November 18-19 2010
International seminar Materials Science

The Strategic Area Materials


The Strategic Area Materials gathers all the scientific resources at NTNU with relevance to materials research. The area Materials is managed from the highest organizational level at NTNU.

Faculties and the Departments with relevance to Materials:

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT)

  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering >>
  • Department of Physics >>
  • Department of Chemical Engineering >>
  • Department of Chemistry >>

The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology (IVT)

  • Department of Engineering Design and Materials >>
  • Department of Structural Engineering >>
  • Department of Marine Technology >>

The Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering

  • Department of Electronics and Telecommunications >>
  • Department of Electric Power Engineering >>