Abstract Guidelines

Guidelines for abstracts for the 2014 MedIm and MedViz conference

Please submit your abstract by 23 April 2014 through our abstract submission form. The maximum number of characters is 2500, including spaces. The correctly completed form will help us generate the abstract book with similar layout for all abstracts.

Make sure that you accurately include all co-authors and their affiliations. If you are in doubt if a person should or should not be included as co-author, we recommend that you consult the so-called Vancouver recommendations.

Regarding the structure and content of the abstract, you might find it useful to organize the abstract in accordance with the IMRaD format: Introduction, Method(s), Results, and Discussion, with a few sentences on each of these elements. For those of you who have only very recently started your PhD research, this might not be the best solution. If you still have no data to present in the Results and Discussion part, we recommend that you instead present you main Hypothesis and possible Implications. We would like to stress that also those who have recently started their PhD work are welcome to submit their abstract and take part in this conference.

If you follow the IMRaD format or the alternative solution presented above, there is no need to add subheadings in the abstract text for "Introduction", "Methods" etc.

If you wish to add illustrations, you may include one image file. If you have several illustrations, please edit and combine these into one file. The image will be placed on the lower part of the page in the printed version.

Normally, it will not be required or recommended to add footnotes or literature list in an abstract. If your abstract includes information that requires reference, this should be included into the abstract text. Please do not hesitate to contact MedIm if you have any questions regarding abstract submission.