Abstract Submission

Please prepare your abstract using guidelines below, and in the abstract template. The abstracts will be printed, and should conform to the same layout. 

Abstracts are submitted as [familyname.pdf] to Erik Ingebrigtsen, erik.ingebrigtsen@ntnu.no

Please see the abstract template [pdf] for how the abstract should be organized

We will accept abstracts from all PhD Candidates and Research Program Students within the relevant fields, as well as a select number of Post Doctoral Fellows. Those belonging to the latter group may contact MedIm for further info.

  • Deadline: 1 July 2013

All abstracts within the broad field of medical imaging will be considered, including clinical studies and basic research. PhD-candidates in the initial phase of their studies and Research Program Students are also most welcome to participate. If your research so far has not produced publishable results, please see the abstract template for suggestions on how you can write your abstract.

An abstract committee will determine if your abstract is chosen for oral or poster presentation.

Registration in MedIm is required prior to abstract submission.

Travel grants are available to all PhD candidates and a number of postdoc applicants employed at a Norwegian institution, and who submit an abstract within the deadline. If you are a post doctoral fellow, please inform about this in your mail when you send the abstract. Failure to produce the poster or presentation on the basis of the abstract will lead to the cancellation of the travel- and accommodation grant.

Guidelines for submission

  • The abstract text (excluding Title, Authors, Affiliation) should be about 300 words including references, and must not exceed one page.
  • Titles are written in Bold, size 12, Arial font.
  • All contributors to the abstract are given, with the presenting authors name underscored, using Times New Roman, Size 12 font
  • Author affiliation should be clearly indicated, size 12, Arial font.
  • Text should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, single line spacing
  • Images must be integrated on the .pdf page, and the total abstract must not exceed one page

Abstracts failing to fulfil these guidelines will be returned for revision.

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