Abstract submission

All participants who are registered in the MedIm network - PhD candidates, research program medical students and post docs - are encouraged to submit an abstract. An abstract committee will consider the received abstracts for oral presentation, poster presentation or combined poster- and speed poster presentation. You will be informed of the selection in early autumn 2016.

Submit your abstract here.

Deadline: 7 September 2016



Make sure that you accurately include all co-authors and their affiliations. If you are in doubt if a person should or should not be included as co-author, please consult the Vancouver recommendations.

Abstract body:

The abstract body is limited to 2500 characters (including spaces). We encourage you to organize your abstracts in accordance with the IMRaD format [Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion], with a few sentences for each of these elements. Normally, it will not be required or recommended to add footnotes or literature list in an abstract. If your abstract includes information that requires reference, this should be included into the abstract text.


If you wish to add illustrations, you may include one image file (jpg, png or gif, max 9 MB). If you have several illustrations, please edit and combine these into one file.