Abstract submission

Please submit your abstract through our abstract submission form.

Please consult the abstract guidelines for further instructions on the form and content of the abstract. Maximum number of characters is 2500, including spaces.

We will accept abstracts from all PhD Candidates and Research Program Students within the relevant fields, as well as a select number of Post Docs. Those belonging to the latter group may contact MedIm for further info.

Established MedViz researchers may also send abstracts for the poster exhibition, but participants of this group should register as "MedViz-participants", with registration fee.

Deadline for abstract submission: 11 May (Note that registration deadline is 23 April)

All abstracts within the broad field of medical imaging will be considered. PhD-candidates in the initial phase of their studies are encouraged to join. If your research so far has not produced publishable results, please see the abstract guidelines for suggestions on how you can compose your abstract.

An abstract committee will determine if your abstract is chosen for oral or poster presentation.

Travel grants are available to those who submit an abstract within the deadline. Failure to produce a poster or presentation will lead to the cancellation of the travel- and accommodation grant.