External courses and events

The courses and events that are listed below are of general interest to the MedIm target group, but are usually not organized as re-occuring PhD courses with ECTS credits. MedIm travel- and accommodation support is only available where it is specifically mentioned.


Multiscale and multiparametric imaging - Technology Summer Workshop of ESMI – TOPIM TECH: Chania, Crete, 10-15 July 2016

The European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI) invite to the 1st Imaging Technology Summer Workshop TOPIM TECH, on “Multiscale and multiparametric imaging”.

Early bird registration deadline: 31 May 2016
Abstract submission deadline: Closed
Venue: Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete

TOPIM TECH 2016 will specifically target the interdisciplinary field of modern multimodal imaging bringing together engineers, physicists, computer scientists, bio-informaticians and biologists to define state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodology, discuss current trends in contrast generation and showcase emerging applications that require or are catalyzed by multimodal imaging approaches. Imaging modalities include MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, US, optical and optoacoustic imaging. 


Joint MedViz Conference and Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine: Bergen, 7-9 September 2016

The annual MedViz conference and the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (EG VCBM) are coming together to form a joint, interdisciplinary meeting of experts from technology, medicine, biology, and related fields. Read the call for posters for more information.

Abstract submission deadline: 7 August
Venue: Bikuben Course and Conference Center, Haukeland University Hospital campus, Bergen

MedIm will offer 10 travel grants to PhD students coming from other regions in Norway, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply for travel grant.


PET/MRI Seminar: Trondheim, 19 September 2016

The first PET/MRI seminar in Trondheim will cover the basics of PET/MRI methodology and PET-tracers, as well as clinical applications in oncology, neurology, cardiology and inflammation. There will be a team of internationally renowned speakers from Vienna, Essen, Ulm, London, Aarhus and Uppsala, together with local speakers from NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital.

Registration CLOSED
Time: Monday 19 September 2016, 09.00 – 18.00.
Venue: Kunnskapssenteret (KA11) at Øya Campus, NTNU, Trondheim.

The seminar program is tailored towards the interests of PhD and master students, researchers, and clinicians in the field of Medical Imaging, and is free of charge. MedIm offered travel grants for PhD students for this event.


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