External courses and events

The courses and events that are listed below are of general interest to the MedIm target group, but are usually not organized as re-occuring PhD courses with ECTS credits. MedIm travel- and accommodation support is only available where it is specifically mentioned.

Bridging Nordic Imaging: Gothenburg, 14-15 April 2016

The Bridging Nordic Imaging network was established to stimulate collaboration between the Nordic countries, and to jointly work for a better research community and improved options for both biological and medical imaging. MedIm encourages  PhD candidates in Norway to participate in this network and is happy to offer 10 travel- and accommodation grants for the 2nd Bridging Nordic Imaging symposium, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 14-15 April 2016.

Registration deadline: 29 february 2016.

Those who are interested can apply for a travel- and accommodation grant from MedIm using our standard application form.

Note that a PhD course in Cellular Imaging (3 ECTS) is organized in conjunction with the symposium on 11-15 April 2016. MedIm offers 5 travel- and accommodation grants to members who participate in the full course. Read more.




MedViz Conference 2015: Innovation in Imaging & Visualization

MedViz is a research and development cluster in Bergen, performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation, bridging the gap between “bench and bedside”. Each summer, MedViz organizes a scientific meeting with excellent national and international speakers. MedIm offers 10 travel- and accommodation grants to PhD candidates from outside Bergen who wish to participate in this year's conference, which takes place in Bergen on 15-16 June 2015. Click here to apply for a grant. The 10 travel- and accommodation grants will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis among those eligible for this support.

Bridging Nordic Imaging symposium 2015

The first "Bridging Nordic Imaging" symposium  (see above) took place in Turku, Finland, on 13-14 August 2015. MedIm offered 10 travel- and accommodation grants to members who participated in thw symposium.

Workshop on hyperspectral imaging in medicine

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) in medicine is a workshop which will cover basic topics about HSI applied to the medical field. The Workshop will be organized in Trondheim, Norway on 6-7 May 2014. Program. Important: MedIm does not offer any travel grants in relation to this event. However, travel reimbursement for the certain number of applicants, primarily early stage researchers belonging to the partner institutions, can be funded by the orgnizers. Please consult the workshop homepage for additional information  

Flourescence imaging and quantitative analysis of subcellular structure, UiB/Molecular Imaging Center Bergen, 7-9 April 2014

The objective of this course is to prepare the participant for specialized studies of cellular properties by using fluorescence microscopy followed by quantitative image analysis. To enable participants from other parts of Norway to take part, MedIm offers grants towards travel and hotel accommodation to a limited number of PhD candidates from other Norwegian institutions. Contact MedIm if you have questions regarding the travel grants. The program hosts a number of excellent lecturers, among these are Werner Koopman and Peter Willems, both from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands. The course will include lectures and discussions regarding the theoretical and practical aspects of quantitative (live-cell) microscopy. This includes cell imaging experiments (conventional and spinning-disc confocal microscopy) as well as image processing and quantitative analysis. More information on the course here.

PhD Course in Celluar Imaging and 2nd Nordic Superresolution Workshop, University of Gothenburg, 28 March – 4 April 2014

The Centre for Celluar Imaging at Sahlgrenska Academy/University of Gothenburg organizes a PhD course in Celluar Imaging (3 ECTS) in combination with the 2nd Nordic Superresolution Workshop. Deadline for registration is 13 March 2014. To register, please contact the scientific manager of the Centre, Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez. The Centre has cordially opened the course for Norwegian PhD candidates. To encourage and facilitate this participation, MedIm will offer up to five travel and accommodation grants for MedIm members (PhD candidates or Research program students affiliated with one of the MedIm partner institutions). Please consult the course program and the preliminary workshop program if you are interested in taking part in the course and the workshop. For more information on the organizers, visit the homepage of the Centre for Celluar Imaging. Note that the registration for the course has to be directed to the Center for Celluar Imaging.  If you would like to apply for a travel/accommodation grant from MedIm to take part in the course, please use our online application form. The five travel- and accommodation grants will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis among those eligible for this support.

White Matter Meeting in Trondheim, 6-7- February 2013

The National Center of Competence for fMRI organized the 1st White Matter Meeting in Trondheim 6-7 February 2014.To stimulate the participation of PhD candidates from other parts of Norway in this event, travel- and accommodation grants are made available from NRSN – Norwegian research school in neuroscience and MedIm – Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging. These grants also cover the participation fee of 2300 NOK.  How to apply for support: The meeting will focus on a range of topics related to white matter. If your interest and your PhD project is mainly oriented towards MRI and neuroimaging, please send your application to MedIm. If your interest is not primarily imaging, you may send your application to NRSN, contact information here.

IGSIN Course in Integrated Neuroscience, 28 Oct - 7 Nov 2014

The course is intended to give the students a basic and integrated understanding of the interplay between neurobiological systems and cognition, affect and behaviour. They will also receive an introduction to basic central methods in neuroscience.During the course the students will be introduced to the most important neurobiological systems (neuroanatomical and neurophysiological). They will be introduced to neuromolecular mechanisms and neuropharmacology. Important psychiatric and neuropsychological clinical conditions as well as normal psychological functions will be described and methods for measuring these will be demonstrated. There are several sessions directly oriented towards neuroimaging, in particular fMRI.

EUROSON SCHOOL - Abdominal ultrasound. Focus on CEUS and EUS.
This course is held in beautiful Bergen at midsummer - 20-22 June 2013. Lectures are given by leading international and Norwegian scientists in the field. MedIm is happy to offer travel- and accommodation support for 3 - three - PhD candidates or Research Program Medical students from any Norwegian institution. The MedIm support also includes the 600 euro course fee. First come, first served - please contact MedIm for additional info on the travel grants. For all other questions, please contact the organizers.

Central subjects are: transabdominal ultrasound of liver, pancreas and intestines. CEUS, Doppler, Endosonography, Elastography, Ultrasound targeted therapy.

Nordic congress of radiology 2013 – Bergen 22-24 May
The programme at this three-day congress and exhibition will include a selection of world renowned speakers, debates, posters, state of the art mini-symposia. MedIm will provide a confined number of grants for PhD candidates and research program students travelling to Bergen for this event, including hotel accommodation, travel, and conference fee. Please contact MedIm if you are interested in this opportunity. First-come, first-served.

2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School - Call for participation
Unfortuately, no MedIm support is available for this event, but we urge those interested to study the interesting program and the impressive list of international lecturers. Call for Participation: 2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society Summer School on Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis (SSBIPA 2013). June 8-14, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia. The main topic address by the Summer School is biomedical image processing and analysis. The topics covered will include medical imaging techniques, image processing methods, image analysis methods, and applications to specific biomedical image analysis problems that will be presented by the distinguished researchers in the area. For the technical program and the list of lectures please visit the Summer School web site.