Available courses


MEDT8010 Metabolomics? Methods and Applications
MEDT8008 Clinical MR Spectroscopy
MEDT8002 Ultrasound Imaging
MEDT8007 Simulation Methods in Ultrasound Imaging
MEDT8011 Introduction to MR Imaging
MEDT8012 Ultrasound technology
TK8105 Ultrasound imaging in Heterogeneous, Non-Linear Tissue
FY8410                          Light and force based molecular imaging

University of Bergen

PhD course in functional neuroimaging  
BMED360 In vivo imaging and physiological modeling  
B26024 Forskning om biomedisinske bildeteknikker  

The University of Oslo
MF9250                         Introductory course in cardiac research
FYS9750 PhD Course in Medical Imaging

The University of Tromsø
MBI-8003                      Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM)
HEL-8021 Preclinical PET and Complementary Methods in Small Animal Molecular Imaging
FYS-8029 Optical nanoscopy