Tromsø, 2-3 October 2013

Program: The 5th National PhD Conference in Medical Imaging

Jointly organized by MedIm – Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Research Group, UNN/UiT.

08.00-11.00    Registration and poster mounting – Poster exhibition in Rica Hall
11.00-11.15    Opening address by Wenche Jakobsen, Vice Rector of UiT – The Arctic
                          University of Norway
11.15-13.00    Scientific session 1: Heart & Circulation
                          Chairs: Rune Sundset and Assami Røsner, UiT
                          Invited speaker: John-Peder Escobar Kvitting, CMIV, Linköping: 4D'
 MRI Visualization and Quantification of Cardiovascular Blood Flow
                          Five oral presentations from PhD Candidates:
                          Emil Espe, UiO/OUS, Novel insight into the detailed myocardial
                          motion and deformation of the rodent heart using high-resolution
                          phase contrast MRI

                          Jørn Bersvendsen, GE Vingmed Ultrasound/UiO, Automatic
                          Measurement of Aortic Annulus Diameter in 3-Dimensional
                          Transoesophageal Echocardiography

                          Marianne Lundervik, UiB/HUS, Carotid intima-media thickness – a 
                          potentialpredictor for rupture risk of intracranial aneurysms

                          Solveig Nergård, UiT/UNN, The internal mammary artery and its
                          impact on abdominal skin perfusion following breast reconstruction
                          with DIEP flap. Final results

                          Geir Arne Tangen, SINTEF, Maneuvering devices inside the
                          bloodvessels -guiding endovascular procedures by integration of
                          navigation technology – An update from the Trondheim research

                          Invited speaker: Antti Saraste, Turku PET Centre and Heart Center,
                          Turku University Hospital: PET in preclinical cardiovascular research
13.00-14.00    Lunch
14.00-14.45    Poster Speed Talk 1
14.45-15.30    Poster session
15.30-17.30    Scientific session 2: Advanced Biomedical Microscopy
                          Chairs: Karen Sørensen and Jaione Simon-Santamaria, UiT
                          Invited speaker: Thomas Huser, University of Bielefeld, Germany, 
                          Unraveling the pathways of infectious disease by superresolution 
                          optical microscopy

                          Four oral presentations from PhD Candidates
                          Kai Beckwith, NTNU, Investigating the interactions between nanowire
                          arrays and cultured cells

                          Tereza Osdal, UiB, Combination of elacytarabine and daunorubicin is
                          significantly more effective than combination of cytarabine and
                          daunorubicin in primary patient xenografts of AML

                          Ekaterina Mishchenko, UiT, Antimicrobial biofilm studies of synthetic 
                          compounds inspired by marine natural compounds

                          Eva von Haartman, Åbo Akademi University, Nanodiamond and its
                          composites as theranostic probes in biomedical imaging and drug

                          Invited speaker: Matthia Karreman, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany:
                          Lights Will Guide You: Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy  
17.30-18.00    Break
18.00-18.30    Vorspiel: James Mercer, Medical Imaging Research Group, UiT:
                          Therminal behaviour of the African elephant.
18.45                Joint departure from hotel to Polaria
19.00-22.00    Polaria – arctic tour, arctic dinner, and arctic social event

3 October
09.00-10.00    Poster Speed Talk 2
10.00-11.00    Poster session + coffee/snack
11.00-13.00    Scientific session 3: Neuroimaging
                          Chairs: Torgil Riise Vangberg and Per M. Aslaksen, UiT
                          Invited speaker: Asta Håberg, Dept. of Neuromedicine, NTNU: Are
                          there gender differences in the brain?

                          Five oral presentations from PhD Candidates
                          Hallvard R. Evensmoen, NTNU, Variations in the granularity of
                          environmental representations along the hippocampal anterior-
                          posterior axis

                          Maiken Kirkegaard Brix, HUS, Cognitive and neuronal correlates of
                          Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Structural and functional MR

                         Marius Kalsås Worren, UiB, Electroencephalography (EEG) of Children
                         with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) Viewing Emotional
                         Human Facial Expressions

                         Siren Tønnesen, UiO/OUS, Probing white matter microstructure in
                         psychotic disorders using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)

                         Hester R. Berger, NTNU, The effect of melatonin on brain development
                         after hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal rats: Preliminary results
                         from a longitudinal MR study

                         Invited speaker: Kyrre Emblem, MRI Cancer Research Rikshospitalet.
                         Oslo University Hospital: From Matlab to overall survival: MRI research
                         in brain tumors – and some lessons learned

13.00-14.00   Lunch
14.00-15.45   Scientific session 4: Tumor & Inflammation
                         Chairs: Samuel Kuttner, UiT and Mercy Afadzi, NTNU
                         Invited speaker: Bernd Pichler, University of Tübingen, Germany:
                         Multimodality imaging in preclinical research
                         Four oral presentations from PhD Candidates
                         Jenny A.Husby, HUS/UiB, What the tumor ADC value can reveal in
                         the preoperative evaluation of endometrial carcinomas

                         Andreas Tulipan, OUS/UiO, Dynamic [18F]-FACBC PET/CT for
                        assessment of hypoxia-induced prostate cancer aggressiveness (the

                        Sinara Vijayan, NTNU, Validation of a non-rigid registration method for
                        motion compensation in 4D ultrasound of the liver

                        Kristin E. Haugstad, NTNU, Enhanced association within mucins
                        bearingT and Tn carbohydrate cancer antigens determined by force
                        probes with picoNewton sensitivity

                        Invited speaker: Azita Monazzam, Uppsala University: Is static imaging
                        future of PET/CT- clinical and preclinical dilemma

15.45-16.00  Awards, conference closing
16.00-            Joint departure to airport, in time for departures from 17.00 and

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