Applications for travel grant

As a PhD candidate, you can apply for travel support from the Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging towards participation in PhD courses outside your hometown. Normally this support is limited to the courses on the MedIm-list of available courses, but occasionally MedIm provided this support also in connection with other events. Also Research Program students, and in some cases post doctoral fellows, are welcome to apply for travel grants.

Support is given according to the following rates:

You can receive up to NOK 2000 per round trip (travelling to/from Tromsø the amount may be somewhat higher). Documented hotel accommodation costs are covered up to NOK 1100 per night for the duration of the course. The maximum support for one course is NOK 20 000. However, one individual may receive support for several courses. You may also request daily allowance (kostpenger) from MedIm, amounts according to standard regulations.

To apply for support, you need to fill in our registration form and the application form .
This will only take a few minutes. Your application will not be processed without registration.

If your application is granted, you will receive a letter of confirmation. No reimbursements will be made in excess of the amount stipulated in this letter without prior application. Reimbursements are made only on the basis of original receipts, so please keep this documentation for later submission.

Join the network

As a member of the MedIm-network you will eligible for a range of offers either you are a PhD candidate, a course organizer or supervisor. You will also receive information about relevant activities on a regular basis.