MI Lab Partner:

Aurotech ultrasound AS

AUROTECH ultrasound AS develops digital signal processing ultrasound systems
and offers high-end digital ultrasound platforms to OEMs (Original Equipment
Manufacturers) or license partners. The platform offered, MANUS -
Miniaturized Application Neutral Ultrasound System, has the same high-speed
data collection and image processing capabilities as high-end scanners due
to its special use of FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) technology. The
MANUS platform is unique, and combines flexibility, image quality and size
with low manufacturing costs.

AUROTECH ultrasound AS is part of the advanced medical ultrasound industry
cluster in Trondheim, where MI Lab is an important participant together with
NTNU, SINTEF and St. Olav University Hospital. By participating in MI Lab,
AUROTECH ultrasound AS, expects to cooperate with the strong technical
ultrasound tradition at the university and the highly skilled clinical
community in Trondheim, as well as the MI Lab partners and develop
ultrasound technology for the future.

Contact: Audun Græsli
Tlf: 73 81 36 00

Web link: http://www.aurotech.no