MI Lab partner:


As a core partner at the National Center of 3D Ultrasound in surgery and Operating Room of the Future, SINTEF has through 10 years developed technology for navigated image guided surgery together with clinical personnel at St Olavs University Hospital and NTNU. The MILab focus areas are overlapping with the competence and strategy of SINTEF in medical technology with focus on minimally image guided therapy and ICT, improving quality of life for more patients.

For SINTEF, the CRI will facilitate the accomplishment of the strategy in medical technology by giving valuable contributions in the following (see also www.SINTEF.no/igs) :

  • Development of technology for improved patient treatment by focusing on medical imaging and minimally invasive therapy which are important areas in future health services
  • Performing applied research which demonstrates technological solutions for both industry and clinicians, and thereby act as a connecting link between users of technology and relevant industry
  • Increasing interdisciplinary R&D collaboration as a necessary tool for increased and improved innovation, performance and international recognition of Norwegian research environments and of Norwegian industry
  • Acting as facilitator for competence disclosure and spread of new knowledge nationally and internationally

R&D activities are related to:

  • Diagnosis and image guided therapy of patients in various clinical areas
  • Navigation and positioning technology (optical/magnetic, micro/macro)
  • Ultrasound, CT and MR 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D imaging with/without contrast
  • Signal processing and image analysis
  • Multimodal imaging, visualization, augmented reality and display technology
  • Registration and shift correction
  • Clinical studies ¡V Operating Room of the Future
  • Neurosurgery, laparoscopy, vascular surgery, endovascular preocedures, interventional radiology, lung, breast, prostate, etc
  • ICT solutions for image guided interventions