MI Lab Publications 2007-2013

IMPORTANT: The list only includes full scientific papers in international journals with referee, and all are registered in the PubMed database at The National Institute of Health, NIH, USA (PMID number is also listed for each paper).


 Ultrasound image improvement & flow quantification

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Cardiac ultrasound

  1. Jasaityte R, Heyde B, Ferferieva V, Amundsen B, Barbosa D, Loeckx D, Kiss G, Orderud F, Claus P, Torp H, D'hooge J. Comparison of a new methodology for the assessment of 3D myocardial strain from volumetric ultrasound with 2D speckle tracking. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2012 Jun;28(5):1049-60. PMID:21847561
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Pocket-sized ultrasound

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