MI Lab research plan 2011-2014

planMI Lab will in the period 2011-2014 focus on good interaction with industrial partners by encouraging increased participation from our partners' R&D departments in long-term, high quality and high ambition research activities.

Our activities are split 70-30% between ultrasound and MRI technology.

Within ultrasound, we will focus on research into hardware, software and transducer arrays. There will be major improvements in image quality linked to new technology in the years to come, and MI Lab aims to be one of the world's leaders in this research area.

A further focus area for the 2011-2014 period will be the handheld ultrasound system VScan with further R&D on clinical application and further technology refinements.

We go into much more detail on all areas in the full MI Lab Research Plan 2011-2014 (pdf).