Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Programmes of study

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) is the leading materials science and engineering institution in Norway.

The department offers a number of programmes of study if you want MSc degree in Materials Technology:

Master of Science in:

International Master's Programme:

Master of Science in Materials Technology:

The programme of study in Materials Technology is a 5-years programme, and the first two years of study will provide a profound theoretical basis in scientific subjects. In addition, you will from the beginning be introduced to important materials-technological subjects. The department offers specialization within 3 different core activities with close connection to ongoing research activities:

  • Metal Production and Recycling
  • Materials Development and Properties
  • Materials for Energy Technology

Student advisors

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Kristin Belsaas
Telephone: +47 73 55 12 02
Office: Bergbygget E-129

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Jørn Olav Løkken
Telephone: +47 73 59 67 21
Office: Realfagbygget D1-198