About us

The NTNU University Museum is one of six university museums in Norway and forms part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, abbreviated as NTNU.

The Museum is located at Kalvskinnet in the centre of Trondheim, along with its exhibitions, collections, administration and three of its departments; the Department of Archaeology and Cultural History;
the Section for Exhibitions and Events; and the Department of Natural History

The National Laboratory for Age Determination is located at the University's campus Gløshaugen. Two botanical gardens form part of the Department of Natural History: Ringve Botanical Garden at Lade, Trondheim; and the Kongsvoll Alpine Garden at Kongsvoll, in Dovrefjell National Park.

The NTNU University Museum has its origins in the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS), founded in 1760. In 1926, the Society was reorganised into two sections: the Academy and the Museum. In 1968, the Norwegian Parliament approved a resolution to found the University of Trondheim and the Museum was transferred to the University on 1 April 1984. 
Further reorganisation of the University led to the establishment of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) on 1 January 1996.

Our mission

The NTNU University Museum shall develop and share knowledge about nature and culture, and shall safeguard and preserve its scientific collections, making them available for research, curation and outreach efforts. 

Strategic Plan 2011-2016: The NTNU University Museum (revised 2013)

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