The types of concerts at the Department of Music

The Department has several regular concert series, in addition to exam concerts, larger projects and detached concerts.

The Chamber Series
The Chamber Series is a concert series where our music performance teachers and senior students are presented. In this series guest concerts are also included. The concerts in The Chamber Series are primarily preformed at the Dokkhuset concert scene or in the department's halls at Olavskvartalet: Kammersalen or Orgelsalen.

Orgel på onsdag ("Organ at Wednesday")
Orgel på onsdag presents the organ as a concert instrument with soloist and chamber concerts performed on the organs of the churches downtown Trondheim. Teachers and senior students from the department, as well as several other of the city’s organists play.

Exam concerts
The examination period at the Department of Music is from 19 May to 12 June. In this period about 20 exam concerts in jazz and classical music will be performed.
MustEx – exam concerts in music technology: 26 and 27 May, Dokkhuset
JazzEx – exam concerts for the jazz students: 28 to 30 May, Dokkhuset
ExKlassisk – exam concerts for the classical students: 19 May to 12 June, Dokkhuset, Olavskvartalet and Nidaros Cathedral.