NTNU NanoLab's cleanroom

 NTNU NanoLab is one of 4 cleanrooms within "The Norwegian Micro- and Nanofabrication Facility", NorFab. The facility is open for students and scientists at NTNU and SINTEF, as well as external researchers.

The infrastructure is run by a staff of 6 engineers and operated according to hands-on principles. NTNU NanoLab has 700 m2 cleanroom facilities with cleanliness ranging from ISO7 to ISO5 and vibration reduced zones at VCF-level. The cleanroom is also built according to GMO laboratory class 2 requirements. 

NTNU NanoLab is organized in areas dedicated for:

chemical methods
physical methods
bionanotechnological methods

To gain access to the cleanroom, please follow the procedure presented on ntnu.norfab.no