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NTNU Approved as First Norwegian Partner in Climate-KIC

(11 May 2015) Climate-KIC Nordic is pleased to announce that our first Norwegian partner has now been approved. This is the very first KIC collaboration in Norway.

The Norwegian who built the world’s roads

(15 April 2015) The Flåm Line railway, the Trans-Iranian railroad, Ethiopian roads and many Norwegian airports. A little known professor and engineer at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU's predecessor) helped to build them all.

Clay can be used for carbon capture

(8 April 2015) Ordinary clay can be as good as more advanced materials for capturing carbon dioxide.

A new look at corruption and greed

(10 March 2015) Substantial revenues from natural resources bring opportunities, but also problems, in developing countries. A new research project will look at best practices in resource management.

Nature on Maternal Health, Ebola and CapaCare

(5 March 2015) The Norwegian non-governmental organization CapaCare train health workers to give lifesaving care that might otherwise be unavailable to patients in under-resourced areas. As new infections of Ebola are finally being brought under control, the outbreak’s devastating impact on maternal health will linger for years.

Here’s how Norway can be a leader in global health

(4 March 2015) The health of people all over the world is dependent on a slew of different variables, so interdisciplinary work is vital to professionals in global health. Twenty-two European countries, the USA and South Africa are all taking part in a comprehensive Norwegian global health survey.

The Incredible True Tale Of "The Queen Of Neuroscience" and her Nobel Prize

(19 Feb 2015) May-Britt Moser interviewed by the Huffington Post.

Norway Needs Good Climate Laws

(10 Feb 2015) Norway needs its own climate laws, but these laws will only be effective if they are good. Bad climate policies may be worse than none at all, according to NTNU researchers and policy makers.


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