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Information - course organizers

Already during the process of putting together the funding application for NRSN, a number of existing and future PhD courses in the field of neuroscience at all partner institutions were proposed. The NRSN board is very much interested in additional ideas and input, both on the adaptation of existing course activities to the NRSN program, as well as the establishment of new courses. We expect that the future PhD board members and participants to events like the PhD Conference will help us in identifying needs for training and courses that have not yet been covered.

NRSN will provide funding to adapt and establish PhD courses. We will support the invitation of international speakers and guest lecturers. For supervisors, it is worth noting that we offer travel grants to PhD candidates who wish to take a PhD course at a different institution.

Importantly, it should be noted that even though a PhD course is included in the NRSN portfolio, all aspects of formal control with the course still rests with the institution owning and running the course.

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