Support to course organizers

The NRSN board is very interested in ideas for new or improved PhD courses in neuroscience, as well as other training activities and events. Please contact the NRSN administration if you have any questions or wish to apply for funding.

We currently offer the following support arrangements:

Development of new PhD courses

NRSN provides funding for planning and preparing new PhD courses in neuroscience.

Improvement of existing PhD courses

NRNS provides funding for adaptations, revisions and extra efforts made to adapt a course to external participants.

Seminars and other events

NRSN can announce and encourage participation in neuroscience seminars, conferences and other one-time events. NRSN will occasionally offer travel grants and/or cover the registration fee of members who wish to attend. NRSN does not support general costs for organizing this type of events.

Invitation of international lecturers

NRSN supports invitation of international speakers and guest lecturers if there is a lack of similar expertise in Norway, and if the contribution from the invited speaker is essential for the quality of the course.

Note that even though a PhD course is included in the NRSN portfolio, all aspects of formal control with the course still rests with the institution owning and running the course.

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