Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs


Those who are employed outside NTNU should print and complete the standard travel reimbursement form in either Norwegian or English. The form has to be sent by normal post with all original paper receipts to this address:

Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience
Att. H. Lehn
PO Box 8905
NTNU, Faculty of Medicine DMF
7491 Trondheim

Account information for transfers abroad:
If your bank connection is outside of Norway, this form has to be submitted along with the travel reimbursement form.

FOR NTNU EMPLOYEES ONLY:                                                                                  
NTNU employees are obliged to use PagaWeb. Log on to Paga through your Department's or unit's access to 'Innsida'. Open the standard form for travel reimbursements (reiseregning). You have to change the default account information/project number in the form. At the top of the form, there is a field "Organisasjon" - here you should give the number 650105. Below, "overstyr kontering" shold be filled in with Ksted 650105, project 10400600. You will need one more number to complete the form - "analyse".
For PhD courses on our list of PhD courses, the Innovation workshop, etc, the number is M58208. 
For all other travels, please consult the NRSN administration for this last number.

NTNU employees should print the form and send it along with all original receipts to "NRSN, att H. Lehn, DMF/MTFS 2N" by internal post.