Centre for Molecular Imaging at NT (MINT)

– Subcellular interactions and imaging

Atomic force microscopy with TIRF (BioScope SZ). Astrid Vik Bjørkøy. Photo: Geir Mogen

The imaging facility at Centre for Molecular Imaging at NT is an interdepartmental collaboration between Department of Biology, Department of Biotechnology, and Department of Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.

We offer advanced microscopy facilities located in the Natural Science Building at NTNU. The instrumentation includes several confocal laser scanning microscopes, multiphoton microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, total internal reflection microscopy and atomic force microscopy.

MINTs mission is to create a dynamic and productive environment for researchers at NTNU and for our national and international collaborators, offering users the latest technology in molecular imaging as well as technical support and expertise.

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Irene Aspli

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Contact information

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