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The objective of the PhD education is to qualify candidates to conduct research of a high international standard and perform other types of work with exacting requirements in terms of scientific insight and analytic thinking in accordance with sound scientific practice and established standards for research ethics.

The objective is to contribute to the internationalization of research, the academic community and the candidate.

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Bjørn Steinar Tanem
Head of Section


Useful information about admission to the PhD programmes at the NT-faculty:

PhD Education

The PhD education has a nominal duration of 3 years of full-time study, and includes required coursework or similar academic training comprising a minimum of 30 credits. The most important component of the PhD education is an independent piece of research carried out under active academic supervision.

PhD thesis defence

Contact information

  • Brage Hansen
    (Biology, biotechnology and chemical engineering)
  • Anne Sæther
    (Biophysics, physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering)