Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

Admission Requirements for PhD Programmes

Applicants for the PhD programmes at the Faculty of Natural Sciences must have a relevant master's degree or equivalent education, with a strong academic record. 

Applicants are required to have a weighted average grade of B or higher (in accordance with NTNU's grading system) in the two last years of their master's degree (equivalent to 120 ECTS). The weighted average grade of the applicant's bachelor degree or equivalent education must be higher than C.

There are no fixed application deadlines for these programmes.

Before you can apply for admission to one of the PhD programmes, the funding of the study period, including running costs, must be confirmed.
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Application process

The main supervisor and the Department should give their recommendation before the application is sent to the PhD programme board. Admission is decided by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.

Agreement concerning admission

Admission is to be formalised by a written agreement. The agreement is signed by the candidate, supervisors, the Department, the Faculty and any external institutions involved:

General Admission information at NTNU

Admission Requirement and Application Process: Admission is processed by the faculty research committee on an ongoing basis throughout the year.