Research Projects and Centres

– at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology


National Centres

Our researchers are involved in a wide range of national and international research- projects and centres such as.

EU Projects

The Faculty coordinates the following EU-projects:

  • Cod Larval survival (FP7)
  • InSpin (FP7)
  • ReeCover (FP7)
  • Modena (FP7)
  • Ocean-Certain (FP7)
  • E-Gnosis (FP7)
  • AfricanBioServices (H2020)
  • Active Implants (H2020)
  • Thermoplast (H2020)
  • SugarOsmoSignalling (H2020) (not yet started)

The Faculty is a partner in the following EU-projects:

  • CoSSMic (FP7)
  • EXOMET (FP7)
  • HiPerCap (FP7)
  • SpinICur (FP7)
  • AquaExcel2020 (H2020)
  • Arise 2 (H2020)
  • Grace (H2020) (not yet started)
  • Metafluidics (H2020) (not yet started)

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ERC Grants

ERC advanced grant