Trondheim Bioencapsulation Group

Trondheim Bioencapsulation Group consists of two different research groups headed by Professor Gudmund Skjåk-Bræk and Professor Terje Espevik. Our main research interest is development of microcapsules as immunoprotective barriers.

The goal of the Trondheim Bioencapsulation Group is to make functional alginate capsules for cell therapy. The focus of research is on improvement of the alginate capsules and the group possesses competence in alginate tailoring, encapsulation technology, immunology, cell biology and endocrinology. This is an interdisciplinary cooperation between Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) and Department of Biotechnology, (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology).

The Trondheim Bioencapsulation group is involved in the Chicago Project. The Chicago project is an interdisciplinary international collaboration which consists of experts in different fields who have committed themselves to achieving a functional cure for diabetes as soon as possible.

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