Pictures of Gunnerus

R/V Gunnerus

DP and ROV operation. Photo: Ø Lamo

2 x 20ft container SPERRE K-30 ROV and umbilical winch
2 x 20ft container SPERRE K-30 ROV and umbilical winch. Photo: S Linde

ADCP assembled on over the side pole. Photo: C M Larsen

Gunnerus at Hopsjøen Hitra. Photo: E Brendboe

Gunnerus at NTNU Trondhjem Biological Station pier. Photo: S Linde

Gunnerus engine room. Photo T Magelssen

Gunnerus mobilizes for cruises. Photo: S Linde

Mobilisation of 20ft ROV container. Photo: A Knudsen

Sneli sledge benthoscruise. Photo: Torkild Bakken

Trawl gear trial. Photo: A Knudsen

Trawling at Frohavet. Photo: E Brendboe

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