Remotely Operated Vehicle

ROV Minerva

Minerva is used in biological research and sampling, for supplying ground truth in geological investigations, and the development of new research technology.

ROV Minerva

Minerva equipped with an IMU (MRU 6), a high resolution scanning sonar and CT.  Photo: Johanna Järnegren

The Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Minerva was specially designed by Sperre AS in 2003 to fulfill the needs of scientists at NTNU. The vehicle is rated to 700 m depth, thereby covering all depths in the Trondheimsfjord. Equipped with a fiber optic cable she produces high quality digital real time video and the HiPap positioning system of R/V Gunnerus accommodates extremely precise positioning. Minerva is operated from a standard 15 feet cargo container arranged with all necessary equipment including a 42" flat screen. Real time video is available in the mess room aboard R/V Gunnerus during operation.

Minerva has been used in biological research and sampling, testing of equipment and development of new research technology, archaeological surveys, supplying ground truth in geological investigations, commissioned research and much else. She's also an appreciated tool in many courses at NTNU.

Contact - ROV Minerva

Norwegian University of
Science and Technology

Svenn Ove Linde

+ 47 918 97 010

NTNU Trondhjem Biological
Station, Bynesveien 46
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

ROV Minerva